How Big Do Bernedoodle Full Grown Bernedoodle Size

Bernedoodle puppies stop growing at around 11-12 weeks of age, and by 12-13 weeks they are typically the size of a small toy dog.

Owners will know their pup is finishing up its growth phase when its body becomes more densely furred and its head starts to fill out more noticeably.

How Big Do Berne doodle Full Grown? Berne doodle Size


Bernedoodle is a brand that’s all about making your everyday tasks easier. With products designed to simplify everything from gardening to meal preparation,

Bernedoodle is quickly becoming a household name. But how big is Bernedoodle?

And what are the dimensions of its full grown products?

In this blog post, we will explore these questions and more, so that you can decide for yourself if Berne doodle is right for you.
How Big Are Bernedoodle Puppies?

The Bernedoodle puppies are small and lightweight, weighing in at around four to six pounds. As the puppies grow, their weight can range from seven to twelve pounds.

The size of the adult Bernedoodle may vary depending on the breed, but on average, full-grown Bernedoodle dogs will be about twenty-one inches long and twelve inches wide.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Full Grown Bernedoodle Dog?

As mentioned earlier, the dimensions of a full-grown Bernedoodle dog may vary depending on the breed, but on average, they will be about twenty-one inches long and twelve inches wide.

When Do Bernedoodles Stop Growing?
When Do Berne doodles Stop Growing?

Average Bernedoodle Size

The Bernedoodle is a crossbreed of a Beagle and a Poodle, and it is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

The Bernedoodle full grown size averages around 12 to 16 inches tall at the shoulders, and weighs between 25 and 55 pounds.

Bernedoodle Full Grown Size

The Bernedoodle is a full grown dog that can weigh anywhere from 20-30 pounds.

They have a long, dense coat that needs to be brushed regularly to keep it looking its best. Bernedoodle puppies are playful and active, but as they mature, they may become more laid back.

They make great family dogs and are perfect for those who want an indoor/outdoor dog that is friendly and outgoing.


Bernedoodle is a mixed breed dog that is approximately 12-14 inches at the shoulder and weighing around 55-65 pounds. As with any mixed breed,

there will be some variation in size and weight, but on average these dogs are big and bully-type dogs.

If you’re looking for a dog that can help protect your home or property, has plenty of energy to play outdoors, and doesn’t require too much exercise, Bernedoodle may be the perfect fit for you.

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